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Export/Import Measurement Signal List

In some scenarios of handling experiments in ControlDesk, it might be useful to back up the configuration of the measurement signal list.

This utility expands the ribbon by adding either the Custom Extensions tab or a group in the existing ribbon tab. The group provides the following two buttons: Import and Export.

"Export/Import Measurement Signal List" is a supplement of the "Replace Platform/Device via Automation Script" utility. The entries in the measurement signal list can now be exported from the experiment before a platform is replaced and restored after the platform is replaced, even if the signals are not connected to a plotter. "Export/Import Measurement Signal List" completes the Export/Import Recorder feature.

For details on installing utilities, refer to the section “Customizing ControlDesk” in the ControlDesk Next Generation Basic Practices Guide.
This utility is suitable for ControlDesk 5.4 and 5.5.

Date 2015-12-17
软件类型 实验和的可视化软件
产品 ControlDesk
资料信息 实用程序
信息类别 常规使用, 功能扩展
dSPACE 版 2016-A, 2015-B, 2015-A