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Failure Simulation Export Tool - Export Failure Simulation Systems Data to XIL API EESPort Files

The FailureSimulationExportTool exports information from an existing ControlDesk FailureSimulation system file (*.fsn) to ErrorConfiguration (*.xml) and PortConfiguration (*.portconfig) files. These files can be used to perform electrical error simulation with the dSPACE XIL API .NET EESPort implementation.

Your ControlDesk and dSPACE XIL API .NET installations must be of the same release for the  Failure Simulation Export Tool to run successfully.

Please note

This material is available for authorized users only. If you are interested in this utility, please send an e-mail to Tell us your name, your company's name, the license number you are currently using, the dSPACE Software Release and the name of the utility you would like to use. You will then receive an email with the requested utility.


Date 2015-08-31
软件类型 实验和的可视化软件, 测试自动化软件
产品 ControlDesk, Failure Simulation Package
资料信息 实用程序
信息类别 迁移, 功能扩展
dSPACE 版 2016-A, 2015-B, 2015-A, 2014-B