Security Vulnerabilities in CodeMeter Runtime


dSPACE were informed by WIBU Systems, the supplier of the CodeMeter license technology used by dSPACE, about problems in the CodeMeter Runtime that were classified as a potential security risk.

These vulnerabilities potentially affect

  • all dSPACE systems that have a CodeMeter installation and Internet access
  • all systems with CodeMeter installation that are used as license servers​​​​​​​

Detailed information is available in the user information provided by WIBU Systems under the following link. This information can also be used to determine the individual risk.

  • Official Information about CodeMeter from WIBU Systems codemeter-cve-2020-user-information-20200916.pdf PDF, 120.0 KB

CodeMeter Update

The vulnerabilities were closed by WIBU Systems with CodeMeter version 7.10a. This new version has been tested and released by dSPACE.

dSPACE recommends the update to CodeMeter 7.10a for all CodeMeter Floating Network License Servers and all PCs with installed CodeMeter Runtime that have Internet access.

For PCs and virtual machines without Internet access, dSPACE rates the update as optional.

CodeMeter 7.10a is no longer compatible with Windows XP SP3. Therefore the update must not be installed on PCs or virtual machines that run legacy dSPACE releases under Windows XP SP3 based on CodeMeter Licenses and "Legacy Licensing using CodeMeter Licenses”.


The updated version is available here.

CodeMeter Version Check

You find your current CodeMeter Runtime version under Windows 10 System Settings - Apps & features. 

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Date 2020-09-29
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