End User License Agreement Documents

dSPACE End User License Agreement

Terms and conditions of use for dSPACE software (except for customer-specific developments, which are subject to separate agreements).

  • License Agreement dspace_eula_english_april_2020.pdf PDF, 259.5 KB
  • English version

  • Lizenzbedingungen dspace_eula_deutsch_april_2020.pdf PDF, 270.8 KB
  • German version

List of Third-Party Terms and Conditions

Some of the dSPACE Software may utilize or contain third-party software (hereinafter “third-party components”), including but not limited to open-source software.

The use of third-party components may be subject to special or additional terms and conditions that differ from those stipulated in the dSPACE End User License Agreement and that have to be adhered to when the third-party component is used. A list of information on third-party components that have to be passed on to the customer is provided by the dSPACE document on Third-Party Licenses.

Please find below the document with Third-Party Terms of Use applicable to your product:

  • Third-Party Licenses / Lizenzbedingungen Dritter dspace_3rdparty_licenses_feb_2021-v1.pdf PDF, 6639.6 KB
  • Not valid for AUTERA user

    English version with German abstracts

  • AUTERA Third-Party Licenses / Lizenzbedingungen Dritter dspace-annex_eula_3rd_party_licenses_autera_1_0.pdf PDF, 693.2 KB
  • EULA annex for AUTERA user

    English version with German abstracts

Depending on the product, it may be necessary in individual cases for the customer to separately acknowledge third-party license terms when concluding the contract or during installation.

Ubuntu Basic Image

Download: ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso

Provision of the basic image for viewing the Ubuntu licenses.
The licenses provided with Ubuntu have not been checked for accuracy, completeness or incompatibilities.

Date 2020-05-05
行业热点 基于数据驱动的开发
资料信息 参考信息
信息类别 安装和许可证
dSPACE 版本发布 2020-A



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