ECU应用旁路、功能开发和白盒测试的工具及方法 ECU接口连接概览





实现软件 ConfigurationDesk

Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE real-time hardware

ConfigurationDesk is an intuitive, graphical configuration and implementation tool, ideal for handling applications from small Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) developments to large hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests based on dSPACE real-time hardware, such as SCALEXIO or MicroAutoBox III, including the implementation of behavior models and I/O function code.

ConfigurationDesk provides a clearly structured overview of the external devices (e.g., ECUs), configured real-time hardware, and the connected behavior models. 

  • Configure real-time applications graphically and with an extensive automation API
  • Manage signal paths between external devices and behavior model interfaces
  • Automatically implement behavior model code and I/O function code


实验和的可视化软件 ControlDesk

用于开发电控单元 (ECU) 的通用模块化实验和仪表软件

ControlDesk 是用于无缝 ECU 开发的 dSPACE 实验软件。从实验开始到结束,它完成了所有必要任务并为您提供单一的工作环境。

  • 集成的 ECU 校准、测量和诊断访问
    (CCP, XCP, ODX)
  • 在 ECU、RCP 和 HIL 平台及总线系统上同步采集数据
  • 强大的布局、仪表、测量和后处理 (ASAM MDF)


产品级代码生成软件 TargetLink

TargetLink® – 针对最高需求的生产级代码生成

产品级代码生成器 TargetLink 直接从MathWorks® Simulink®/Stateflow® 生成高效的 C 代码,并允许通过内置仿真和测试进行早期验证。它支持有效的模块化开发,并通过了 ISO 26262、ISO 25119 和 IEC 61508 认证,提供高性能、本地AUTOSAR 支持。

  • 直接从MathWorks® Simulink®/Stateflow®生成高质量产品级代码
  • 强大的软件设计和测试功能
  • 高性能的本地Classic AUTOSAR和Adaptive AUTOSAR 支持


实验和的可视化软件 Variable Editor

Working with ECU description files

The Variable Editor provides a project management framework with the necessary functions for managing a number of variable descriptions. These functions include modifying, editing, importing and exporting variable descriptions.    

  • Create and edit ECU description files (A2L files)
  • Update address information of ECU variables from map files
  • Automate address update and A2L file generation via a command line


ECU 接口软件 dSPACE ECU Flash Programming Tool

ECU flash programming via measurement and calibration interfaces

The dSPACE ECU Flash Programming Tool lets you program the flash memory of ECUs that are equipped with a DCI‑GSI2, ECUs with XCP on CAN, or ECUs with XCP on Ethernet.   

  • Fast ECU flash programming during development
  • Stand-alone tool or integrated in ControlDesk®
  • Safety mechanisms against operating and programming errors


ECU 接口软件 dSPACE XCP 服务

通过 XCP 进行测量、校准、旁通和 ECU 闪存编程

dSPACE XCP 服务在 ECU 开发过程中应用广泛,如测量 ECU 变量和执行校准,还能通过连接 CAN 进行 ECU 闪存编程。dSPACE XCP 服务支持 CAN、USB 和以太网的传输层(UDP/IP 和 TCP/IP)。

  • 支持 CAN/CAN FD 和以太网传输层
  • 并行运行校准、测量和旁通
  • 旁通的安全性和数据一致性机制


ECU 接口软件 dSPACE Calibration and Bypassing Service

Measurement, calibration, bypassing, and ECU flash programming

The dSPACE Calibration and Bypassing Service lets you run measurement, calibration, bypassing, and ECU flash programming tasks. The service implementation on the ECU can be tailored with regard to functionality and resource consumption.  

  • Measurement, calibration, ECU flash programming via DCI-GSIs
  • Function bypassing via DCI-GSIs and DPMEM PODs
  • Security and data consistency mechanisms for bypassing


ECU 接口软件 dSPACE Internal Bypassing Service

Using an existing ECU for function development

The dSPACE Internal Bypassing Service supports service-based bypassing directly on the target ECU. The service can be integrated into the ECU software either by inserting it into the source code manually or by using the ECU Interface Manager.

  • ECU service for internal bypassing and on-target prototyping
  • Compatible with Internal Bypass Plug-In for RTI Bypass Blockset  
  • Only tiny footprint in the ECU RAM and flash 


ECU 接口软件 ECU Interface Base Package


ECU Interface Base Package 在 RCP、HIL 和现场测试过程中提供产品级 ECU 实时访问。

  • 在 RCP、HIL 和现场测试过程中提供产品级 ECU 的实时访问
  • 可以直接在现有 ECU 上或与其他 RCP 硬件一起实施高效旁路功能
  • 利用Binary Code Management模块的选项,我们能够基于源代码或二进制代码进行ECU连接。


ECU 接口软件 ECU Interface Manager


ECU Interface Manager是ECU Interface Base Package的一部分,其允许配置对ECU的访问。因此,我们可以使用可选的Binary Code Management模块将ECU接口所需的修改应用于ECU应用程序的HEX文件中。ECU Interface Manager提供易于理解的基于列表的视图,对于更复杂的准备任务,还提供了ECU应用程序的全面结构可视化视图(例如,函数调用、变量访问、条件区域)。


ECU 接口硬件 DCI-KLine1 USB-to-K-Line Interface

Robust and compact USB-to-K-Line interface

The DCI-KLine1 (dSPACE calibration interface-KLine1), makes it possible to connect an ECU with implemented diagnostic protocol based on K-Line to your ControlDesk PC for ECU diagnostics and ECU flash programming purposes. The DCI-KLine1 forwards the messages and data from and to the host PC.  

  • Robust design for in-vehicle use
  • Integrated optoisolation
  • Supports 12 V and 24 V power supply networks in the vehicle



将CAN/CAN FD 网络连接到上位机

DCI-CAN2 (dSPACE Calibration Interface – CAN2)是一个接口,能够在上位机和车内的CAN/CAN FD数据流之间建立一个基于USB的连接。

  • 将CAN或CAN FD网络连接到上位机
  • 坚固耐用的车载应用设计
  • 可轻松集成在定制应用程序中的API


ECU 接口硬件 Generic Serial Interface DCI-GSI2

Function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration and flash programming

The generic serial interface DCI-GSI2 can be used for function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration, and flash programming. The broad range of available connector adapters lets you connect the DCI-GSI2 to individual electronic control units. 

  • Very low communication latencies for bypassing and high data throughput for measurement
  • Support of standardized XCP on Ethernet interface
  • Connection to a wide range of ECU types through target-specific connector adapters




通过DCI-CAN/LIN1 转换器您可以通过USB将主机连接至CAN/CAN FD 和LIN网络。

  • 最多连接两个CAN/CAN FD 和两个LIN 网络
  • 紧凑的,主机供电的USB设备
  • 可轻松集成在定制应用程序中的API


ECU 接口硬件 Additional ECU Interface Solutions

Customer-specific DPMEM PODs and on-chip debugging interfaces

Solutions for intrusive, real-time access to the ECU software support use cases in rapid control prototyping, bypassing, white-box testing, and synchronous measurement and calibration applications.

  • Dedicated interfaces tailored to customer-specific use cases
  • Solutions for a wide range of CPUs already available
  • Reliable systems proven in several thousand installations worldwide