Platform API Package

用于连接到 dSPACE 平台的应用程序编程接口

Platform API Package 是一套用于访问 dSPACE 实时平台和 dSPACE VEOS 的库。它能便捷地下载和启动/关闭模型,还具有高级别访问权限,可对模型变量进行读取、写入、激励、采集等。


Platform API Package 是一套用于访问并管理 dSPACE 实时平台和 dSPACE VEOS 的库。它能便捷地下载和启动/关闭模型,还具有高级别访问权限,可对模型变量进行读取、写入、激励、采集等。


  • 访问 dSPACE 实时平台和 dSPACE VEOS
  • 支持 Python 或任何 .NET 兼容的语言
  • 支持 ASAM XIL API 标准
  • 可创建您自己的测试脚本和测试自动化应用程序,以访问您仿真中的参数和信号
  • 可自动连接至 MATLAB®,例如用于数据处理

Functionality Description
XIL API support in .NET
  • Programming interface that complies with the ASAM XIL API standard for accessing the simulation model
  • MAPort support including read, write, and capture access plus stimulus support for most dSPACE platforms
  • Port management: e.g., for loading applications and setting the simulation state
  • XIL framework variable support, including unit conversion, supports advanced variable mapping features. This allows an improved decoupling of test scripts from simulation models, hence a better reuse of test scripts.
Platform Management API
  • Programming interface for downloading, starting and stopping a model running on a dSPACE real-time platform or on dSPACE VEOS
  • Remote-control MATLAB to use its powerful mathematical function, e.g., for signal processing

Certified according to ISO 26262

For validating ECU software, dSPACE offers several tools that are certified according to ISO 26262. These include Real-Time Testing (RTT), SIMPHERA, VEOS and the Platform API Package. This means that all these products can be used in safety-relevant development projects in accordance with ISO 26262:2018 for all Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL).
The certification enables users to simplify their overall ISO 26262 processes. They can use the tools in safety-critical projects with very little qualification effort and are provided with safety manuals to support them in their use case.

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