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基于 Python 的自动实时测试

基于 Python 的自动化测试– 借助仿真模型100% 同步复现实时测试的执行过程。

  • 自动化测试工具支持中心




通常通过在硬件在环 (HIL) 系统连接的标准 PC 上的执行测试,以完成自动化测试。然而,这种方法不能处理定时精度要求非常高的情形——例如,其难以捕捉并回应毫秒级发生的ECU交互通讯。其解决方法是利用 Python 脚本进行实时测试。


仿真平台,如dSPACE HIL系统上可以运行脚本。脚本与模型同步运行,因此所有的测试操作均实时进行,并且 100% 可复现。使用 dSPACE Simulator.实现更多的测试选项。可执行反应性测试,以便对同一仿真步骤中模型变量的变化作出响应。测试中的时间测量也是非常精确的,因为通讯中没有延迟。仿真步长的长短是决定测量结果的最高时间分辨率的唯一因素。实时测试脚本不仅可以在 HIL 系统上运行,还可以在 dSPACE 的 VEOS 平台上运行,以便执行基于 PC 的离线仿真。因此,您可以在整个开发过程中(从虚拟验证到 HIL 仿真)无缝地重复使用测试脚本。

Functionality Description
Real-time testing
  • Real-time test management by scripting and dedicated graphical user interface
  • Real-Time Testing library in AutomationDesk for convenient script management
  • Model variables can be observed and changed in every simulation step
  • No model modification necessary for real-time testing
100% reproducible real-time tests in Python
  • Tests are executed synchronously with simulation model
  • Real-time tests implemented in Python (user-extensible via libraries)
  • Concurrent execution of several independent test scripts
  • Dynamic test loading during model and test execution
  • Read and write access to model variables in every simulation step
Key features
  • Easy integration into user-defined test frameworks (AutomationDesk or others)
  • Use of measured data such as MAT files located on host PC for real-time stimulation of model variables
    • NEW: Data streaming now also supports ASAM MDF files (Version 4.x), the established ASAM measurement data format
  • Python objects can be easily exchanged between real-time tests and the PC Python script
  • Seamless support of all dSPACE platforms1)
    • NEW: Support of DS6001 Processor Board and simulation on a remote simulator with VEOS
  • Virtual ECU (V-ECU) support
    • Stimulation and monitoring of signals and variables in V-ECUs
  • Sending and monitoring of CAN and CAN-FD frames (based on RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset or Bus Manager)

1) Except DS1104.

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