RTI CAN Blockset

将 dSPACE 系统与 CAN 通信网络结合

RTI CAN 模块组特别适用于开发和测试通过 CAN 总线系统进行通信的控制功能。


RTI CAN 模块组是实时接口的扩展,可用于将 dSPACE 系统与 CAN 通信网络结合在一起,并能配置这些 CAN 网络。RTI CAN Blockset与 RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset具有不同的功能和应用领域。


RTI CAN 模块组特别适用于开发和测试通过 CAN 总线系统进行通信的控制功能。要使用 RTI CAN 模块组设置一条消息,只需从 CAN 模块库中选择合适的模块,然后连接到您的 Simulink 模型。波特率、标识符、消息长度及中断等配置信息都可以在对话框中输入。

模块组的多 DBC 文件支持功能允许为一个模型同时使用多个 DBC 文件,所以更容易处理不同类型的 DBC 文件,可以在运行过程中进行切换。有了该模块组,可以直接从 Simulink 内部访问 CAN 原始数据。这意味着可以在 Simulink 模型层面上使用原始数据创建协议。

Functionality Description
  • Message-oriented Simulink blockset for combining dSPACE systems with CAN communication networks and for configuring these CAN networks
  • One Simulink block for each functionality/each message
Initialization and configuration
  • Importing DBC database files
  • Configuring baud rate, sample mode, bit timing parameters, etc.
  • User-defined database support via custom parser
  • Multiple DBC file support allowing simultaneous use of several DBC files for one model
Signal and message handling
  • Dialog-based setup of receive, transmit, request and remote messages (for example, format, identifier, signal composition, and encoding/decoding)
  • Loop-back functionality: CAN messages sent by one CAN controller can be made available to the same CAN controller
  • Gateway block to transfer messages between two CAN buses unidirectionally or bidirectionally, without message or signal manipulation
  • Displaying status information on CAN controller
  • Various options for manipulating signals and messages
  • Multiple message access: The same CAN messages can be sent and received from within different model subsystems
  • Block outputs for time stamp information: receive time, transmit time, delta time, delay time
  • Different sample times and tasks for different messages (each message represented by its own block)
  • Custom encoding and decoding for the generation (TX) and verification (RX) of checksums and parity bits
  • Raw data manipulation directly from Simulink
  • User-defined messages with signal representation
  • Manipulating CAN signals at model design
  • Fixed message cycle time
  • Supported interrupts: receive, transmit, request and remote messages, bus off

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