AURELION: 传感器真实仿真






利用3D渲染引擎、高精度dSPACE仿真模型、逼真的3D资源和高分辨率材质信息,我们可以在不同天气和照明条件下精确仿真汽车传感器和环境。AURELION将取代以前的MotionDesk和Sensor Simulation软件,标志着一项重大进步。AURELION集多种功能于一身。通过新的解决方案,您可以集成第三方传感器模型,并很快将提供Linux和Docker支持。它可以与许多其它dSPACE工具集成,如ASM、VEOS、RTMAP、环境传感器接口(ESI)单元,也可以与新型SIMPHERA软件集成。

Feature Description Benefit
Sensor simulation Easy parameterization and positioning of camera, radar, and lidar sensors and their simulation in real time. Cost-effective generation of realistic sensor data.
Consistency One tool for HIL, SIL, and cloud use cases. Save time and money by working with the same tools and project data across development steps.
Scalability Extensive scaling capabilities across multiple compute instances on a synchronized simulation basis. Simulation of the full sensor stack in an autonomous vehicle according to SAE Level 5.
Custom sensor model Several performant interfaces for IP-protected integration of third-party sensor models High realism by modeling the processing of the real sensor.
Dynamic generation of roads and terrain The Road and Scenery Generator can generate 3-D representations of roads, based on ModelDesk roads and the OpenDrive standard. Any road can be represented with any maneuver.

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