dSPACE Release 2021-A (May 2021)

The main innovations of dSPACE Release 2021-A are outlined below.        

Product Details
ASM 9.7
  • Support for direct exchange between engine basic simulation module and engine ECU-ready mean value engine module
  • Torque control for brushless DC machine (BLDC) and the squirrel cage induction machine (SCIM)
  • Added lane topology information to the road model
AutomationDesk 6.5
  • Support for Python 3.9
Bus Manager 6.7 (ConfigurationDesk 6.7)
  • Support for AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R20-11 Com Matrices
  • Optimized variable description mode
  • Improved handling for initial substitute values
  • Header IDs only unique per container IPDU (CAN)
  • Extension framework enhancements for TOI/- PROVEtech solution
  • SecOC Freshness Overwrite Value Manipulation CAN
  • CAN dynamic PDU length simulation
  • J1939 manipulation for direct PDUs
  • J1939 dynamic PDU length
  • J1939 dynamic address handling
  • J1939 CMM change of PDU length
  • Capturing of CAN Frames
  • Support for extended multiplexing PDUs
  • Support for unknown receiver for J1939 broadcast PDUs
  • Support for missing J1939 sender/receiver ECUs
  • Support for J1939 bridge ECUs
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
ConfigurationDesk 6.7
  • Import of SIC files from Model Interface Package versions older than the regular compatibility strategy. As a result, ConfigurationDesk 6.7. can support Simulink® versions as far back as MATLAB® R2015b.
  • Support for shared objects provided by SIC files, Simulink models, BSC files, and Functional Mock-up Units
  • Improved run-time performance for model communication of structured data ports
  • MicroAutoBox III support for all features formerly supported by MicroAutoBox II
  • Support for Python 3.9
  • Option for creating a ControlDesk experiment from ConfigurationDesk
ControlDesk 7.4
  • ECU diagnostics: Direct support for CAN FD
  • Bus Navigator: Displaying the Delta Time (last frame) during CAN monitoring
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package 4.7
  • Support for cryptographic PDUs
  • Support for OPAQUE signals greater than 64 bits
  • Support for AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R20-11 Com Matrices
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
ECU Interface Base Package 2.9

ECU Interface Manager 2.9:

  • Increased maximum number of ECU interface configurations per interface type
  • Display of XCP TXT messages
  • Enabling/disabling priority auto-decrementation

RTI Bypass Blockset 3.19:

  • Support for DS6336 Ethernet I/O Boards
  • Support for external GreenHills compiler
  • ECU Flash Programming Tool migrated to Python 3
Failure Simulation Package 2.5
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
ModelDesk 5.5
  • Start/Stop/Reset button for SIL simulation
  • Support for Python 3.9
  • Python script control via HTML button
  • Improved optical appearance
MotionDesk 4.8
  • Optimized visualization of height maps
Platform API Package 4.0
  • Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) support for VEOS and SCALEXIO
  • Support for Python 3.9
Real-Time Testing 5.0
  • Linux support (Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS)
  • Support for Python 3.9
RTI CAN Blockset 3.4.12
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset 5.6
  • Support for AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R20-11 Com Matrices
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI E-Motor Control Blockset 1.4.3
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI Ethernet (UDP) Blockset 1.4.5
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI Ethernet Blockset 1.2.5
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI FPGA Programming Blockset 3.11
  • Extension of support for Simulink buses: The FPGA interface block can merge several Simulink® buses (subchannels) into one or split them
RTI LIN MultiMessage Blockset 3.6
  • Support for AUTOSAR Classic Platform Release R20-11 Com Matrices
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI RapidPro Control Unit Blockset 2.2.5
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI USB Flight Recorder Blockset 1.2.4
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI Watchdog Blockset 2.1.3
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
RTI XCP on Ethernet Blockset 1.2.12
  • Minor enhancements and bugfixes
  • IIS Assistant
  • OpenID Connect support
  • Status annotations and status transitions
  • Enhanced user and permission management functions
VEOS 5.2
  • Support for variable size signals for V-ECUs, SICs, and BSCs
  • Support for binary port for FMUs (FMI 3.0) and V-ECUs
  • Introduction of command line interface (CLI) for VEOS for automation
  • GPU support in Adaptive V-ECUs
  • Support for VEOS Docker (Windows/Linux)
MATLAB® support
  • R2019b
  • R2020a
  • R2020b
  • R2021a
Operating system support
  • Windows® 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (64-bit)1)
1) For information on Windows® 10 support, refer to Windows 10 support.

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