PWM 测量解决方案1)

捕获 PWM 信号

DS5202 PWM 解决方案与仿真模型相结合,可用于测量多达 4 台电机的信号(每台最多 8 个电源开关控制信号),例如,IGBT(绝缘栅双极晶体管)。

The end of life for this product has been set. Please see the footnote for more detailed information.


dSPACE offers you the PWM Measurement Solution, which is based on the DS5202 FPGA (field programmable gate array) Base Board. It is specially designed for high-precision digital capturing of three-phase PWM signals such as those typically used for controlling a three-phase AC electric motor. Efficient testing of electronic control units (ECUs) for electric machines requires fast measurement and analysis of several closely associated signals.


DS5202 PWM 测量解决方案与仿真模型相结合,可用于测量多达 4 台电机的信号(每台最多 8 个电源开关控制信号),例如,IGBT(绝缘栅双极晶体管)。最多可对 4 条逆变器桥臂的组合信号进行评估,以验证 ECU 的功能。例如,如果死区时间未达到预定义的最小值,则会生成一个错误标记,并触发中断。要测量控制时间,有三种操作模式可供选择:软件轮询、外部中断源和内部脉冲中心中断源,即基于测量的 PWM 信号生成时钟。如果您无法获取 ECU 的时钟频率,则基于 PWM 生成时钟是避免仿真中出现拍频效应的最佳方式。

Parameter Specification
  • Timing resolution:
  • 25 ns
Digital input   
  • Number of channels:
  • Input voltage range:
  • Two adjustable threshold values:
  • Input resistance:
  • Resolution:
  • 32
  • 0 ... +15 V
  • 2.5 or 7.5 V
  • 10 kΩ
  • 25 ns ... 400 ns (adjustable)
Digital output  
  • Number of channels:
  • Output voltage range:
  • Used for:
  • 4 (shared with digital inputs)
  • 0 ... +5 V
  • PWM center trigger generation
  • Frequency range:
  • 39 Hz to 40 MHz

一个典型应用实例是通过 dSPACE 模块化实时硬件对电功率级电动机进行硬件在环 (HIL) 仿真。dSPACE 等仿真模型以及 ASM 电气元件库用于仿真电气元件。通过 DS5202 PWM 测量解决方案测量来自控制器的门驱动信号(通常为 PWM 信号)。计算出的电动机电流信号经由模拟电压信号传回控制器。

1)The end of life of the dSPACE Solutions for PHS (peripheral high-speed) systems is planned for December 31, 2024. You can still buy the related products up to and including December 31, 2021. New Releases of dSPACE software will still support the dSPACE PHS hardware for modular systems until at least the end of 2023. After the end of life, no services of any kind will be available for these products. We advise against using the PHS hardware products in new projects. For new projects we recommend that you use SCALEXIO, the latest dSPACE technology for modular real-time systems.

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