DS4121 ECU Interface Board1)



The end of life for this product has been set. Please see the footnote for more detailed information.


DS4121 用于连接电子控制单元 (ECU) 与 dSPACE 模块化系统。其中一个典型的应用实例就是实现单个 ECU 算法的旁路并在原型系统上进行计算。通过双端口存储插入式设备(DPMEM POD)或使用LVDS-Ethernet链路电缆利用Generic Serial Interface DCI-GSI2建立与ECU的连接。两个独立的 ECU 可以同时连接到 DS4121。这样能够灵活操作含有发动机和变速箱控制器的动力系统控制模块或者 8 缸和 12 缸发动机的气门控制系统等装置。此外,DS4121板卡提供了LVDS-Ethernet链路电缆的接口,可将dSPACE模块化系统连接至以太网设备或网络。


DS4121 能以合适的方式准确执行旁路。例如,生产指向型 ECU 可以留在其最终的安装位置,而原型系统几乎可以安装在车辆内任何位置。

通过 DS4121 实现旁路

DS4121 可以让您从 ECU 到原型系统只使用一个硬件中断,或者使用专门设计的 ECU 软件移植套件将一个中断分成多达 128 个子中断,从而允许进行完全的多级别、多任务旁路。用户可以通过易于使用的对话来指定中断。还可以利用 RTI Bypass Blockset执行ECU Interface Base Package中基于服务的旁路。

Parameter Specification
  • 2 communication channels
Memory Dual-port memory (DPMEM)
  • 16 K x 16 for each channel
  • 16-bit word access, 8-bit low byte, 8-bit high byte
  • Bidirectional interrupts for synchronization of data transfer (for each channel)
  • Connection lost interrupt (for each channel)
  • 16 subinterrupts (using RTI Bypass Blockset) via one interrupt line
  • FIFO-full and FIFO-empty interrupt (for each channel)
Target ECUs
  • Most kinds of 8-, 16- and 32-bit microprocessors
Communication with ECU
  • Two channels for connecting two ECUs or one dual-CPU ECU
  • Communication between prototyping system and ECU via DPMEM plug-on device (POD) or via Generic Serial Interface DCI-GSI2 using an LVDS-Ethernet link cable
  • POD for SPI available
  • Customer-specific POD can adapt ECU signals to the DS4121 (PODs can be integrated into the ECU enclosure)
  • Compatibility with PODs designed for MicroAutoBox
  • Twisted pair cable (CAT5 STP) suitable for close-to-engine location
Signaling system
  • Full-duplex high-speed LVDS link (low-voltage differential signaling)
Transfer rate
  • 250 Mbit/s LVDS interface between DS4121 and ECU
  • 80 Mbit/s effective data rate per channel in both directions
Host interface
  • One 8- or 16-bit ISA slot (power supply only)
Physical characteristics Physical size
  • 340 x 125 x 15 mm (13.4 x 4.9 x 0.6 in)
Ambient temperature
  • 0 … 70 ºC (32 … 158 ºF)
Power supply
  • +5 V, 1.2 A

1)The end of life of the dSPACE PHS (peripheral high-speed) hardware for modular systems is planned for December 31, 2024. You can still buy the related products up to and including December 31, 2021. New Releases of dSPACE software will still support the dSPACE PHS hardware for modular systems until at least the end of 2023. After the end of life, no services of any kind will be available for these products. We advise against using the PHS hardware products in new projects. For new projects we recommend that you use SCALEXIO, the latest dSPACE technology for modular real-time systems.

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