Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

已出版: Sep 2021

dSPACE offers ready-to-use solutions for testing controllers and power electronics throughout the complete range of electric vehicle components. These solutions are specifically tailored for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation at the power level. By combining the flexibility of proven HIL technologies with the test depth of mechanical dynamometers and road tests, power HIL (PHIL) systems from dSPACE bridge the gap between signal HIL testing and testing on dynamometers or in prototype vehicles. The PHIL test system behaves like a digital twin of the real system – with one decisive advantage: It can be configured with just a few clicks, which significantly reduces setup times.

  • 英語: Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing PDF, 8510 KB
  • 日语: パワーHIL(Hardware-in-the-Loop)テスト PDF, 4794 KB



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