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Webinar Recording: Model Management – Beyond Managing Files

October 20, 2015

In this webinar recording, dSPACE will show you how to manage models not only as files but also with essential data as their inputs, outputs, parameters and metadata, and together with their related development artifacts, such as requirements or tests.

Instructors: Dirk Fleischer, Product Manager Data Management Software
Target Group: Engineers and managers involved in model-based development of function, controller or plant models

In model-based development, an enormous amount of models are created, changed, combined and configured, and thus need to be managed systematically. The most commonly used model management approach is still only file-based. However, models are more than just files, since they implement specific interfaces, provide dedicated signals or require certain parameters that determine their characteristic behavior. As important development artifacts, models are developed in the context of other process items, such as requirements or test cases. It must therefore be possible to trace models to and from these items.

As a collaborative data management platform, dSPACE SYNECT provides a centralized, integrated Model Management module that lets you manage your models with all the required data - and files. 
This webinar will provide an overview of:
  • The basics of integrated model management
  • Integrating model files from tools like Apache™ Subversion® or PTC® Integrity
  • Managing TargetLink models and Data Dictionaries
  • Managing Simulink plant models and their variants

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