Software Component Containers for Efficient AUTOSAR Workflows

Ulrich Eisemann (dSPACE GmbH), 
Anne Geburzi (dSPACE GmbH), 
已出版: Hanser Automotive, Nov 2011

The AUTOSAR standard has been in existence in its various versions for several years now, during which time it has been successfully applied in diverse production projects in the automobile industry.
To firmly establish the AUTOSAR standard and make its benefits completely accessible to all users, however, mature, coordinated tools and practice-proven workflows are needed.
This article presents a model-based tool chain for AUTOSARcompliant development, stretching from software architecture design, component design and implementation to RTE generation and software integration tests.
Tool interoperability is ensured by a unique new concept of software component containers, which eradicates many of the problems that occur in practical work with AUTOSAR and decisively supports the iterative exchange of data between different developers (AUTOSAR round trips).

  • 英語: Software Component Containers for Efficient AUTOSAR Workflows PDF, 317 KB
  • 德语: Software-Komponenten-Container für effiziente AUTOSAR-Workflows PDF, 319 KB
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