Model-based Software Development - Optimally Connect Users and Tools

Anne Geburzi (dSPACE GmbH), 
客户公司: dSPACE GmbH, Germany
已出版: Hanser Automotive, Sep 2016

To further optimize the model-based development process, it is necessary to focus more strongly on the interaction between all tools and users involved. For this, superordinate data management is essential. 

Automotive software development is subject to a continuous process of increasing efficiency and is becoming more professional. Within the development process, specialized tools and processes have become established for the individual phases. Most of the application software, for example, consists of open and closed loop controls, which means that model-based design and automatic code generation are widely used in software design and implementation. In the area of verification, model-based testing at unit level and hardware-in-the-loop testing at system level are firmly established. The tools’ performance for the different phases and in the different areas is continuously improved. However, vulnerabilities and a loss in efficiency occur at the interfaces between the different development stages, tools, and users. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate and cross-link the individual tools and users more efficiently throughout the complete development process to increase efficiency and quality in automotive software development even further.

  • 英語: Model-based Software Development - Optimally Connect Users and Tools PDF, 366 KB
  • 德语: Modellbasierte Software-Entwicklung: Werkzeuge und Anwender optimal vernetzen PDF, 240 KB



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