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Efficient Vehicle Dynamics Development via Simulation-Based Prognosis Tools

Michael Peperhowe ((dSPACE GmbH)), 
Wolfgang Schindler (Daimler AG), 
已出版:, Jun 2013

This paper presents a method for designing and tuning suspensions purposefully and quickly with the help of vehicle dynamics simulation. The method is based on the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) from dSPACE, which have been extended for this use case. The ASM support design engineers through all phases, from creating a virtual prototype up to close-to-production fine tuning during the test phase. The paper specifically describes the necessary characteristics of the vehicle dynamics model, which go beyond those of a typical handling model. At Daimler AG, the ASM accompany the development during test drives, both for the pure vehicle dynamics design of the vehicle and for coupling the vehicle dynamics control systems to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems. 

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