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Early Simulation and Testing of Virtual ECUs for Electric Vehicles

Dominik Holler (dSPACE GmbH), 
Dirk Spenneberg (dSPACE GmbH), 
Lars Stockmann (dSPACE GmbH), 
已出版: Electric Vehicle Symposium, May 2012

Testing new concepts in the field of closed-loop control is an important matter to the automotive industry. Especially in the domain of electric vehicles, there is a lot of ECU functionality targeting energy management and engine controlling that has to be developed and evaluated. Over the last decade, hardware-in-the-loop simulation has successfully been used to test new ECUs. However, in early stages of development, the target hardware is often not known and only parts of the final implementation is available. Furthermore, there are different domains involved in the development process, from an early behavioral model to the final integration into an ECU.

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