Data Replay - Validating ADAS/AD with Recorded Data

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ADAS/AD is a complex domain. To master safety for ADAS/AD, recorded real-world data is used as an essential step in the homologation and release strategies. Contrary to synthetic simulation data, the level of accuracy and fidelity in recorded real-world data cannot be exceeded. dSPACE offers multiple solutions for the validation and testing of ADAS/AD features, perception, sensors, and sensor fusion components with means of replaying recorded data, or as referred to as data-replay, data reprocessing, data re-simulation, and data playback. Data-Replay brings safe ADAS/AD systems on the road.

Key Topics and Takeaways:

  • Testing challenges for ADAS/AD
  • Achieve faster time-to-market with recorded-data-based testing
  • dSPACE Data Replay portfolio - accurate, modular, and comprehensive!


Bassam Abdelghani

Bassam Abdelghani

Product Manager Strategic Product Management for Data Replay


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