Adaptive AUTOSAR Code Generation, powered by TargetLink

  • 汽车
  • 系统架构
  • 产品级代码自动生成
  • SIL测试



Have you ever asked yourself how to best develop Adaptive AUTOSAR software, without hand-coding C++ applications?

In this Innovation Coffee Break, our colleague Sascha Ridder presents you another way to develop high quality software for the new ECU generations: with Adaptive AUTOSAR, using a model-based approach, powered by TargetLink.


Dr. Sascha Ridder

Dr. Sascha Ridder

Product Engineer Production Software & Software-in-the-Loop Simulation dSPACE GmbH

Further Information

  • TargetLink

    直接从 Simulink®/Stateflow® 自动地为 ECU 生成产品级代码。

  • AUTOSAR 技术
    AUTOSAR 技术

    dSPACE根据AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform 和 AUTOSAR Classic Platform支持ECU软件开发。

  • Getting Started with Adaptive AUTOSAR
    Getting Started with Adaptive AUTOSAR

    dSPACE tools support the Adaptive Platform to assist your development of Adaptive Applications and Systems. This webcast provides an overview of the Adaptive Workflow and corresponding dSPACE solutions.

  • Adaptive AUTOSAR Virtual ECUs
    Adaptive AUTOSAR Virtual ECUs

    With the dSPACE SIL tool chain, you can generate and simulate Adaptive AUTOSAR V-ECUs


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