dSPACE Compliance Management

The long-term success of dSPACE depends on the honest, moral, and ethical behavior of all its employees. Our common goal is to take responsibility for our company. We not only want to protect our positive public image and our business partners' trust in dSPACE, but we also seek to continuously and consistently strengthen them through our behavior and actions. Our management and executives are particularly accountable for this. They act as role models and prevent inappropriate behavior in the company. This helps protect our employees and the company.

The Code of Conduct and has been developed on the basis of assessed risks as well as applicable laws and regulations. Each principle is briefly described and explained with background information.


If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct, or if you become aware of a possible violation of the Code of Conduct or a serious breach of the rules, contact the dSPACE Compliance Officer at compliance@dspace.de

If you wish to make an anonymous tip, you can do so by mail:

Compliance Officer
dSPACE GmbH           
Rathenaustrasse 26
33102 Paderborn

  • dSPACE Code of Conduct 出版物, PDF, 英語, 1801 KB
  • dSPACE Supplier Code of Conduct 出版物, PDF, 英語, 3082 KB


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