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Active Noise Reduction

Kay Kochan (Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg), 
Delf Sachau (Helmut-Schmidt-Universität), 
客户公司: Helmut Schmidt University, University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany
已出版: dSPACE NEWS 2007/2, May 2007

The Department of Mechatronics at Helmut Schmidt University (HSU) / University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany, is developing systems for active noise reduction. Research is currently focusing on active systems for turboprop airplanes, whose powerful engines cause high sound pressure inside the plane, experienced by passengers and crew as loud noise. To develop noise reduction systems, the department is using several dSPACE ACE Kits with the DS1103 PPC Controller Board in both research and teaching, and a multiprocessor systems based on two DS1005 PPC Boards for particularly high performance requirements.

Basic Information