Electric Drives Efficiently Virtualized

Thomas Küsterarent (LTi DRiVES GmbH), 
Jens Schirmer (LTi DRiVES GmbH), 
Ulrich Schumacher (LTi DRiVES GmbH), 
Harald Wertz (LTi DRiVES GmbH), 
客户公司: LTi DRiVES GmbH, Germany
已出版: dSPACE Magazine 2/2010, Jul 2010

Controlled electric drives are a key technology in numerous engineering applications. Handling so many applications calls for a high degree of flexibility, especially for servocontrollers in industrial automation. And with all the possible configuration options for the servocontroller software, there is a high number of variants, involving an enormous testing workload. With automated testing on a HIL simulator, these tests can be simplified and accelerated significantly.

Basic Information


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