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Process steps for developing and validating automotive ECU software.

dSPACE offers a complete and integrated development environment for embedded software and systems. Our hardware and software tools are convenient to use and will save you valuable development time and money, whether you apply them throughout the entire process or only for individual project phases. dSPACE systems support established development and validation processes, also with respect to functional safety requirements, and give you ways to adapt your process chains to new challenging needs. Selected cooperation partners from the dSPACE Partner Program complete the portfolio with their own state-of-the-art products. With constant innovations, key technologies and standards, and dedicated service and support, dSPACE helps you achieve long-term success and put your visions into action. 

The topic of highly automated driving is the focus of many automobile manufacturers’ development activities. Requirements such as 360° redundant surround view with numerous heterogeneous sensors, high-precision positioning or car connectivity are also challenging topics for tool suppliers.

The dSPACE response to this is an end-to-end tool chain for autonomous driving from a single source. Unique rapid prototyping solutions of high-performance platforms and a tailored software environment allow for the development of complete multisensor applications in the vehicle, from perception and fusion algorithms to real-time controls. The significant increase in testing effort can be managed only by moving the tests forward to software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulation. PC clusters enable a high test throughput by means of greatly parallelizing computer nodes and simulations while at the same time maximizing scalability. For release tests, the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation remains indispensable. One of the greatest challenges for this is integrating real environment sensors such as camera, radar or lidar and the sensor fusion. dSPACE offers a complete range of integration options, from simple restbus simulation and raw data feed to over-the-air stimulation. 




dSPACE offers complete solutions for developing and testing ECUs for electromobility applications.


dSPACE 为电力工业应用的 ECU 开发和测试(从控制器设计和快速控制原型到控制器实施和控制器测试)提供全面的支持。


dSPACE 为能量储存系统、电力电子和电驱动装置的开发和测试提供全面的支持,这些工具可以覆盖从控制器设计和快速控制原型到控制器实施和控制器测试等的应用。

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