1000 MW in the Test Lab

Martin Bennauer (Siemens AG), 
Achim Degenhardt (Siemens AG), 
Rüdiger Kutzner (Hochschule Hannover), 
Patrick Müller (Siemens AG), 
Christoph Schindler (Siemens AG), 
Michael Schütz (Siemens AG), 
Andree Wenzel (Hochschule Hannover), 
客户公司: Siemens AG, Germany
Hochschule Hannover, Germany
已出版: dSPACE Magazine 1/2012, Jun 2012

Modern digital control systems for power generation steam turbines have very complex control functions. Testing turbine control functionality during commissioning is time-consuming and expensive, so the obvious solution is to use a simulator in the test lab at an early stage of the project. This also has the advantage that critical cases can be tested with no risk to the plant, and any faults can be detected by standardized tests and remedied at an early stage – important factors for ensuring high quality standards.

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