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Test of Strength in the Sky

Lars Bensch (Airbus), 
Michael Enzinger (Airbus), 
Jürgen Jusseit (DMecS – Development of Mechatronic Systems), 
客户公司: Airbus, Germany
DMecS - Development of Mechatronic Systems, Germany
已出版: dSPACE NEWS 2007/3, Sep 2007

Due to flight maneuvers and gusts, loads are acting on an aircraft structure during the flight. Severe gusts can result in high structural loads, so that when damages are suspected, the aircraft has to be grounded and a mandatory inspection has to be carried out. To monitor the structural loads during flight, Airbus Germany and DMecS GmbH developed an "observer" – a parallel model of the aircraft – which was tested onboard an A340 using dSPACE equipment.

Basic Information