Aiming High

Satoshi Komori (Mazda), 
Keisuke Yayoi (Mazda), 
客户公司: Mazda, Japan
已出版: dSPACE Magazine 1/2013, Jul 2013

Mazda is pursuing two main goals for its automobiles: an enjoyable driving experience on the one hand, and outstandingly low fuel consumption and emission levels on the other. By 2015, the company plans to reduce consumption by 30 % compared with 2008. So Mazda launched the SKYACTIV program, designed to optimize all the components necessary for reaching these goals. dSPACE Simulators and the Automotive Simulation Models are playing a major role in this.

  • Automotive Simulation Models 用于发动机、车辆动力学、电气系统和交通环境仿真的工具套件
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