What Typical Challenges in ECU Software Development Need to be Faced?

Central challenges in the development of embedded production software and systems – comprising especially electronic control units (ECUs) and domain controllers – include the optimization of RAM resources, run time, and integration into the overall system. Furthermore, it must be possible to split the software in such a way that regular software updates are possible. And before the final software release, special validation and often a release process are required. Above all: costly errors need to be avoided, and potential  errors need to be detected and fixed as early as possible. Essential for these optimization tasks are suitable development methods as well as highly optimized workflows and tools. 


Why Choose the dSPACE Solution for Developing ECU Production Software?

To let you achieve your goals, dSPACE offers you a comprehensive production software development toolchain for architecture, development, and testing, which is suitable for AUTOSAR (Classic, Adaptive) as well as non-AUTOSAR software. The dSPACE solution consists of several powerful components and has been proven in practice. For your software architecture development, you can use our AUTOSAR architecture tool SystemDesk for modeling software components, compositions, and complete systems. With the production code generator TargetLink and the TargetLink Ecosystem, you can build powerful tool chains for highly efficient model-based development. Our smart comparison tools (Model Compare, dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare) support you further in accelerating your project. TargetLink also provides built-in verification and validation support for testing and optimizing your ECU code, so that you can easily perform first tests in model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, and processor-in-the-loop mode at the touch of a button. With the dSPACE solution, you will be able to develop and deploy high-quality, safe production software for ECUs and domain controllers for mobility and other applications in a short time, also for complex scenarios.

Key Benefits
  • Software architecture based on Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR: from an easy start up to large production projects
  • High-quality production code generation directly from MathWorks® Simulink®/Stateflow®
  • Verify your concepts and code early and avoid expensive ECU software errors
  • Quick transfer from the prototyping phase to production software on ECUs and domain controllers
  • Tools and code proven in practice – in countless production projects and millions of vehicles
Process steps for production software development: from software architecture development to software deployment on the ECU.

dSPACE Solution at a Glance

With dSPACE tools and services – optionally combined with third-party solutions – you can easily achieve your production software development goals. Have a look at our offering: 

Tools of the TargetLink Ecosystem
In combination with TargetLink, several dSPACE tools and numerous third-party tools facilitate high-quality model-based software development.

Tools of the TargetLink Ecosystem

The production code generation software TargetLink can be easily integrated into existing development environments. It smoothly interacts with other tools of the dSPACE tool chain and also with many third-party tools.

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Example Use Cases

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