Bus Manager Basic (for SCALEXIO/MicroAutoBox III/VEOS Platforms)

This 1-day training course introduces you to the dSPACE Bus Manager.
The Bus Manager is the central tool for configuring LIN, CAN, and CAN FD communication for the SCALEXIO and MicroAutoBox III real-time and PC-based offline simulation systems.

  • Engineers who want to configure bus communications based on the Bus Manager.
  • Engineers working in the field of rapid control prototyping, hardware-in-the loop, Virtual Validation, or testing using CAN or LIN communication.
  • Engineers who want to use bus simulations without environment models or an environment that consists of Functional Mockup Units (FMUs).
  • Engineers who are new to dSPACE or who plan on purchasing or using dSPACE SCALEXIO, MicroAutoBox III, or VEOS systems and want to use bus communication in the near future.
  • Recommended: Previous experience with ControlDesk and ConfigurationDesk.

At the End of this course participants will be able to

  • Create bus communication scenarios based on Bus Manager and bus features.
  • Connect behavior model signals to bus configurations.
  • Add and configure dSPACE hardware platforms in bus configurations.
  • Build real-time applications and/or bus simulation containers.
  • Execute bus configurations on connected dSPACE platforms.
  • Change parameters and capture data with ControlDesk

  • SCALEXIO, VEOS hardware
  • ConfigurationDesk, Bus Manager (stand-alone)
  • ControlDesk
  • MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Communication matrices in the formats DBC, LDF, FIBEX, ARXML

  • Bus Manager User Interface
  • Create a bus configuration in ConfigurationDesk
  • Run a bus configuration in ControlDesk
  • Working with bus features and model communication
  • Matrix update and matrix modification
  • Migration from RTI-CANMM to Bus Manager

DatesLocation and time Fee per person
April 23 - 24, 2024 Virtual classroom training, 8:30AM to 13:30PM EDIT 850 
June 04, 2024 Paderborn (Germany), 9:00AM to 5:15PM EDIT 850 
September 26 - 27, 2024 Virtual classroom training, 8:30AM to 13:30PM EDIT 850 
October 30 - 31, 2024 Virtual classroom training, 8:30AM to 13:30PM EDIT 850 
December 11, 2024 Paderborn (Germany), 9:00AM to 5:15PM EDIT 850 

20% discount for universities

When booked in combination with 'Bus Manager Advanced (SCALEXIO, MicroAutoBox III, VEOS)', the overall fee per person is EDIT 1450
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