Support Request Categories for SIMPHERA

Category Description
Major Service Availability & Privacy Issues
  • Security or privacy incident
  • Service unreachable and monitoring indicates service is down
  • Entire service not functional
  • Multiple users affected
  • No workaround known
General Service Availability Issues
  • Core functionality of individual or single SIMPHERA apps not available
  • Incorrect data, data loss and false positive or non-deterministic test results of tests that were already working in the past
  • Multiple users affected
  • No workaround known
High Priority/Urgent Functional Issues
  • Partial functionalities of individual SIMPHERA apps do not work
  • Individual users affected
  • No work blocker
  • Problems during commissioning of new projects
  • If applicable: Monitoring indicates service is up
Handling Questions, Suggestions, Minor Issues, Annoyances
  • Suggestions, questions, minor issues, annoyances
  • Workaround possible
  • No work blocker

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