End-of-life announcement of MicroAutoBox variants DS1401/1511/1512 and DS1401/1512/1513

The end of life for the MicroAutoBox variants DS1401/1511/1512 and DS1401/1512/1513 is planned for 31 December 2020.

End-of-Life Information

The end of life of the MicroAutoBox variants DS1401/1511/1512 and DS1401/1512/1513 is planned for December 31, 2020.  As of this date, no services of any kind will be available for this product. We advise against using the MicroAutoBox variants DS1401/1511/1512 and DS1401/1512/1513 in new projects. You can still buy the product until December 31, 2016. New releases of dSPACE software are guaranteed to continue supporting the MicroAutoBox variants DS1401/1511/1512 and DS1401/1512/1513 until at least the end of 2019.

Services Until / Date Last Release
End of life announced November 2015  
Product can be purchased December 2016  
New revisions provided December 2016  
Repair service provided December 2019  
Software support provided December 2019 Release 2019-B
Bug-fixes for supporting software December 2019  
Customer support services provided December 2020  


For new projects we recommend that you use the successor variants DS1401/1511/1514 and DS1401/1513/1514.

The DS1514 is supported by dSPACE Releases since 2015-A.

Compared to their predecessors, the DS1401/1511/1514 and DS1401/1513/1514 have an even more powerful integrated Xilinx® Kintex®-7 FPGA (XC7K325T) that is freely programmable and can solve even the toughest prototyping tasks. Applications that require extremely fast control loops can be run directly on the FPGA. The Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA is supported by the Xilinx Vivado tool chain. Due to this, model-based FPGA programming via Xilinx System Generator is also possible with MATLAB Releases after 2013b.

If you have any questions or need further information, your contact in the dSPACE sales team will be glad to help. 


Migration Information

Note that because of the discontinuation of the Xilinx ISE, model-based FPGA programming via Xilinx System Generator is only possible with MATLAB releases until R2013b.

Additional dedicated migration information would be published here.

Warning message when using this MicroAutoBox II variant with Release 2020-A or newer

When trying to register a MicroAutoBox II with DS1512 with Release 2020-A or newer, this warning message will be displayed:

Could not register the requested MicroAutoBox. The hardware configuration is obsolete and no longer supported


Date 2022-04-04
제품 타입 Compact Systems
하드웨어 타입 Off-the-Shelf Systems
제품군 MicroAutoBox
인포메이션 타입 알림
인포메이션 카테고리 Discontinuation
dSPACE Release Upcoming Releases

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