General Safety Precautions

If dSPACE hardware or dSPACE software is used incorrectly, there is a risk of death, personal injury, or property damage. This document describes the general risks and explains the safety precautions necessary to avoid these risks. This document does not substitute the user documentation for your product, which contains detailed information on necessary safety precautions. 


  • Read this document carefully and follow the instructions given.
  • Read the user documentation for your dSPACE product. This will give you all the information you need to use your dSPACE product safely and efficiently.
  • If available read the safety labels carefully before working with the hardware.
  • Read all leaflets that might come with your hardware. Leaflets are used to inform you about matters such as last‑minute modifications that are not mentioned in the current user documentation yet or provide specific safety‑critical instructions that you will also find in the user documentation.
  • The user documentation is available electronically on your dSPACE Release DVD. A few documents can be opened directly from the DVD, such as the detailed installation instructions. All the other documentation is available after you install and decrypt the encrypted archives of the related software product, if available.
  • Printed user documentation can be ordered free of charge on the dSPACE website (
  • You must ensure that this document and the user documentation are easily accessible for any user at all times, especially when hardware is involved.
  • It is your responsibility to adhere to instructions and warnings. Unskilled operation or improper use of dSPACE products in violation of the respective safety instructions, warnings, or other instructions contained in the user documentation can have a negative influence on the liability up to a total exclusion of the manufacturer's liability, as the case may be.  

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