Highly accurate environmental sensor simulation Sensor Simulation System Overview




Simulation Models AURELION


Simulation Models AURELION Camera Model


Simulation Models AURELION Radar Model


Simulation Models AURELION Lidar Model


Experiment and Visualization Software MotionDesk

3-D Online Animation of Simulated Mechanical Systems in Real Time

dSPACE MotionDesk is a 3-D online animation software application that visualizes the results of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations for ECU tests. MotionDesk supports hardware simulation platforms from dSPACE, such as SCALEXIO and DS1006. The tool also supports offline simulation based on dSPACE VEOS and Simulink® and comes with valuable features for developing and testing ADAS scenarios. These include camera sensor simulation during which MotionDesk video data is fed directly to the camera ECU and ideal point-cloud sensor models for the development of radar and lidar sensors.

  • Supports testing of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Tight integration to ModelDesk and ASM
  • Intuitive graphical scene design


Simulation Models ASM Traffic

Real-time environment simulation with traffic and objects

ASM Traffic is the model for simulating vehicles, traffic participants, traffic objects, and vehicle sensors. It allows to efficiently develop and validate driver assistance systems in virtual environments.


SCALEXIO Hardware SCALEXIO Processing Unit

Product lines for high core performance and high parallel performance

SCALEXIO Processing Units are ideal for high-performance applications with complex models with a large amount of I/O. The unit can be installed in a SCALEXIO rack or used on a desk.

  • Two versions available: for high core performance and for high parallel performance
  • High-performance host interface
  • Multiprocessor support



최대 12개 유닛까지 장착 가능한 Off-the-shelf HIL 시뮬레이터

SCALEXIO 랙 시스템은 광범위한 I/O 기능 덕분에 높은 유연성을 갖추고 있습니다. 모든 하드웨어는 소프트웨어로 구성 가능하여 까다로운 프로젝트 요건에 시스템을 맞추기 쉽습니다.

  • 넓은 범주의 애플리케이션을 위한 HIL 시뮬레이터
  • 통합형 Failure Insertion 유닛
  • 통합형 신호 컨디셔닝


SCALEXIO Hardware Sensor Simulation PC

High-performance simulation platform for realistic sensor simulation

The Sensor Simulation PC is the dSPACE platform for calculating physics-based models of environment sensors, such as radar, lidar, and camera sensors. It facilitates deterministic real-time sensor simulation with a high degree of realism and a high resolution.