Web-based solution for simulation and validation in autonomous driving development

A myriad of realistic, scalable simulations combined with easy access for the user. This is SIMPHERA, the web-based simulation environment that lets you experience functions for autonomous driving intuitively and validate them with utmost reliability.

Application Areas

SIMPHERA is a brand-new, web-based, high-performance environment for the simulation and validation of ECU software in the cloud. In 2021, it focuses on:

  • Autonomous driving
  • Scenario-based testing
  • Software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulation

Its high level of integration lets you switch easily between SIL and HIL platforms. The industry-proven technologies in SIMPHERA, such as validated simulation models and established simulation platforms, ensure high reliability, particularly when it comes to validating that the software under test functions correctly.

Key Benefits

SIMPHERA brings your innovations for the mobility of the future to the road even faster. An intuitive user interface and guided, easy-to-follow workflows give you the flexibility, cost control, and effi ciency you need to take the lead in vehicle and software development.

SIMPHERA is also ideal for agile development:

  • Highly scalable cloud solution: Run a high number of simulations in parallel for fast results and broad test coverage.
  • Smooth transitions between SIL and HIL: Reuse your models, scenarios, scenes, and tests.
  • Easy collaboration: Speed up your team's work.
  • Easy integration: Reuse your existing artifacts from dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) and ModelDesk.
  • Uniform framework: Organize the entire workflow and streamline different process steps.


  • Wider use

Quick access

  • Save time and money

Worldwide use

  • Collaborative work

Guided workflow

  • Faster onboarding

Ease of use

  • Wider acceptance

Easy SIL/HIL transition

  • More efficient process


  • Better test coverage

More Information

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