XSG Advanced Engine Control Library

FPGA library for cylinder pressure indication and in-cycle control of combustion engines



Application Areas

The XSG Advanced Engine Control Library gives you numerous ready-to-use, configurable elements for common engine control functionalities like crank and cam signal processing, ignition and injection control, or even cylinder pressure indication. This way, the in-cycle control of combustion engines is available for rapid control prototyping, enabling a controlled intervention in the combustion process within a few microseconds. 

Key Benefits

The XSG Advanced Engine Control Library lets you implement controller features in both the CPU and the FPGA of various dSPACE real-time systems. Due to the ready-to-use engine control functionalities, you do not have to deal with complex signal preprocessing and can fully concentrate on developing new control algorithms. The Advanced Engine Control Library is designed as an open XSG Blockset that gives you detailed insights into the algorithms and lets you modify them where necessary.


The XSG Advanced Engine Control Library offers a broad spectrum of engine control functionalities, such as:

  • Real-time cylinder pressure indication
  • Injection and ignition multipulse generation
  • Crank-/cam-based angular computation unit
  • Incremental encoder processing
  • Knock detection
  • Auxiliary components (angle transformations, angle-based pulses, interrupts, RapidPro interfaces)

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