Realistic Lighting Conditions

Simulation of complex lighting behavior

MotionDesk’s powerful visualization engine lets you model complex lighting behavior and allows for special test scenarios, such as night drives. Thanks to this engine, the 3-D visualization software achieves a very realistic simulation of lighting conditions. You can individually change the shape, the color, and the intensity of all light sources involved in the model, be it headlights, street lights, or the ambient light. Additionally, the light sources can be attached to all objects in the model, allowing for a well-lit, fine-tuned, and realistic visualization of environments.

Ideally suited for testing advanced driver assistance systems

For real-time tests of real headlights, the vehicle can be equipped with different headlight models for simulations in MotionDesk – simply by loading different luminance distributions of the corresponding headlight. The versatile configuration options also let you simulate changing lighting conditions, such as sunsets and sunrises, with a simple ephemeris model to automatically place the sun accordingly. The ambient light and all shadows change dynamically depending on the selected values for the light sources. This way, you can easily visualize the effects of different lighting conditions, which is especially important in low light conditions. Night drives can be simulated with ease, which is especially helpful for the development of adaptive front-lighting systems (AFS).

Realistic lighting conditions day and night – MotionDesk’s versatile configuration options also let you simulate changing lighting conditions, such as sunsets and sunrises.

Video: Improved Simulation of Realistic Lighting Conditions

See how MotionDesk simulates realistic lighting conditions in a video.

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