ASM Truck

Truck Model for Tractor and Trailer Simulation in Real Time

ASM Truck is used to simulate trucks or, together with ASM Trailer, tractor-trailer combinations.

Application Area

ASM Truck is used together with ASM Trailer to simulate a truck (tractor with dolly) or a tractor-semitrailer combination. The models contain more than 30 degrees of freedom (DoF) in the multibody dynamics and more than 25 DoF in the powertrain depending on the confi guration. The truck model features a torsional frame and truck cabin. The entire vehicle model can have an arbitrary number of axles, each of which can be steered, driven and equipped with twin tires. Even road train, thus multiple trailers, can be simulated. It is easy to modify the confi guration even during run time without manipulating the model. For example, during the simulation, axles can be activated and deactivated, and trailers can be hitched and unhitched.

Key Benefits

All of the Simulink blocks in the models are visible, so it is easy to add or replace components with custom models to adapt the vehicle’s properties perfectly to individual projects. The ASMs’ standardized interfaces allow the vehicle dynamics model to be easily expanded to meet specific requirements. Roads and driving maneuvers can be created intuitively by using graphical tools with preview and clear visualization All parameters can be altered during run time. 

Vehicle Characteristics

For realistic vehicle simulation, the vehicle model is designed as a multibody system. The model consists of elements such as a drivetrain with elastic shafts, a table-based engine, two semi-empirical tire models, a nonlinear table-based vehicle suspension model with kinematics and compliance, a steering model, and aerodynamics. An environment with a road, maneuvers, and an open- and closed-loop driver is included as well. All parameters can be altered during run time. To simulate brake systems, models of a dual-circuit hydraulics system and a pneumatics system are available as add-ons.

Components and Characteristics

  • Multibody dynamics with up to 36 DoF (depends on truck configuration)
  • Powertrain with 25 DoF (depends on truck configuration)
  • Truck body based on a torsional frame
  • Tractor with up to 4 steerable axles plus trailer with up to 4 steerable axles
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic brake system (ASM Brake Hydraulics, ASM Pneumatics)
  • Each wheel can be equipped with a brake
  • Examples of trailer and axle variants supported by ASM Truck and ASM Trailer
  • Table-based axles with 3 DoF
  • Twin tires as an option on all axles
  • Axles can be activated and deactivated during simulation
  • Trailers can be hitched and unhitched during simulation
  • Dolly extension for road train simulation
  • Vehicle configurations with arbitrary numbers of axles available on request
  • Truck cabin with additional DoFs
  • Tractor and trailer with an arbitrary number of axles, each of which can be steered
  • Each axle can be driven


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