ASM Pneumatics

Real-Time Pneumatics Model

ASM Pneumatics is the model for air brake and air suspension simulations.

Application Area

  • Air brakes
  • Air suspensions
  • Supports antilock braking systems (ABS), electronic brake systems (EBS), leveling control
  • Cars, buses, trucks, trailers, road trains

Hydraulics Model Concept

The ASM Pneumatics simulation model supports the development of pneumatics systems for ABS/EBS and suspensions for all kinds of ground vehicles (car, bus, truck, trailer, road train). The model includes all the components that are typical of real pneumatics systems, such as a compressor, air tanks, valves, and brake chambers.  It features ready-to-use configurations for air brake and air suspension simulations. The model is handled and parameterized via a convenient graphical tool.

  • Complete model including compressor, tanks, valves, and brake chambers
  • Ready-to-use ABS/EBS and suspension configurations
  • Support for mechanical/pneumatics backup functions
  • Support for trailer brake systems
  • Graphical tool for parameterization
  • Offline and online simulation
  • Real-time-capable
  • Modular, library-based implementation
  • Easy variable access
  • Add-on library for ASM Vehicle Dynamics, ASM Truck, and ASM Trailer

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