Integrated Test Automation

ModelDesk now provides an integrated ASM-based test functionality called Testing. It lets users define, manage and execute automated test procedures directly in ModelDesk. These procedures contain one or more simulations, which can be performed with parameter variations. This way, vehicle dynamics maneuvers, powertrain and electrical sys- tem tests as well as traffic simulations can be easily and intuitively automated and validated. In addition to the classic test automation tasks, there are other fields of application, such as direct model validation by comparing simulations and measurements or quick plausibility tests of complex scenarios for autonomous driving. Test procedures with ModelDesk and ASM can be executed throughout the entire development process on the dSPACE simulation platforms. Moreover, it is possible to integrate ASM-based tests in an overall test automation setup based on AutomationDesk and SYNECT.

Ready-to-Use Scenarios for Active Safety Tests

For a swift start, ModelDesk provides a ready-to-use test for active safety features according to Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) protocols. The test is an automated emergency braking (AEB) maneuver for moving and stationary cars (Euro NCAP AEB CCR). Using the testing function, the test is repeated with increasing velocities and varying distances and decelerations. This is done to assess an AEB system’s capability to reduce the effects of an accident. Different evaluations can be conducted for each test case, such as simple signal evaluations or score calculations. Other tests, e.g., for vulnerable road users (VRUs), are avail- able on request.

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