External Failure Insertion Unit

Upgrade for simulation system

The external FIU can be interconnected between the electronic control unit (ECU) and the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system without further configurations.

The external FIU offers 90, 180 or 270 channels, which can be used for actuator fault simulation and also for sensor fault simulation. The external FIU can optionally be equipped with an integrated break-out box (BoB). You can use the Failure Simulation Module of ControlDesk for designing and controlling the failure patterns.
These failure patterns can be activated and processed with AutomationDesk. You simply integrate the required failure pattern into your test sequence. During the execution of the test sequence, the failure pattern is activated on the ECU.

Parameter Specification
No. of cards per rack
  • 9
No. of channels per card
  • 10
Rack variants
(each with break-out box (BoB) optional)
  • 90 channels
  • 180 channels
  • 270 channels
Switch type
  • Relay
  • RS232 interface via Failure Simulation Module of ControlDesk
Connection interface
  • Front: female Hypertac connector for connection to ECU
  • Rear:
    • male hypertac connector for connection to simulator hardware (cable length max. 1.5 m)
    • Plug connector for VBat and GND
Max. continuous current
  • 8 A per channel
Possible fault types
  • Cable break
  • Short circuit to ground
  • Short circuit to battery voltage
  • Short circuit to another ECU pin via common fail plane
Max. failure patterns
  • 20 at the same time
Physical characteristics
(depend on the variant)
  • Form factor: 3-9 U
External power supply
  • 12 V / 100 W

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