What we offer

The collaboration between INVENSITY and dSPACE gives you the opportunity to design processes to comply with quality and safety standards as well as any support needed to establish tailor-made automated tool chains.

  • Optimized processes for established standards such as ASPICE or ISO26262 lower the effort for corresponding audits and assessments significantly.
  • Traceability is ensured by the tool chain. Your model serves as an executable software design specification.
  • An automated tool chain enables short term software updates and accelerates safety releases by means of reproducible tests including automated reporting


INVENSITY is a technology and innovation consultancy with an international scope. It supports leading companies in mastering technological challenges in the field of R&D.

Core competencies lie in systems engineering, safety management, project management, software engineering, data systems, mergers & acquisitions, cybersecurity & data privacy, analytics & sensorics, artificial intelligence, and service design.

INVENSITY operates in high-tech industries including optical technologies, automotive & transportation, aerospace, health care & life sciences, energy & utilities, telecommunications & electronics, and defense. High-quality trainings of the in-house INVENSITY Academy and individual mentoring enhance the knowledge, talents, and skills of employees. INVENSITY has offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Munich, Detroit (USA), Barcelona (Spain), and Manila (Philippines).

Website: https://www.invensity.com

Why us?

We combine deep process know-how and years of experience in hardware and software tooling. We involve all relevant parties into the process and raise employee awareness for introduced processes.

Our Approach


We analyze your existing processes to identify the gaps and potentials. Based on those we optimize your processes and tailor them according to required standards and your specific needs.


An integrated tool chain for software development is set up including automated unit definition, autocode generation and testing. Introduction of different test levels such as MIL, SIL, and HIL allows for the frontloading of tests.


We raise employee awareness for introduced processes and support during rollout. Compliance with quality standards (e.g., ASPICE) to achieve the required process capability and compliance with ISO 26262 for safety relevant projects is ensured. 

For further Information, please contact us:

Philipp Hofmann
+49 172 657 319 9 

Thomas Brandt
Senior Consultant
+49 171 2758424 

  • Empowerment through Process Optimization and Automatization (EmPOA) , PDF, English, 397 KB
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