Configuration Version for RapidPro

The configuration version offers you configuration and diagnostics functions for RapidPro hardware and supports you in putting the hardware into operation.

Application Area

The RapidPro hardware acts as an extension to dSPACE prototyping systems to cover application scenarios that require signal conditioning, power stages, and intelligent I/O subsystems.

Key Benefits

The hardware is displayed in an intuitive structured view. You can change the configurations of the individual module channels and monitor the hardware states during operation. Channel-specific diagnostics (open load, etc.) are provided in a list view. You can manage the configurations of different hardware setups via the Project Manager. A pinout list for wiring the RapidPro hardware to sensors and actuators can be exported as a comma-separated value (CSV) file or a Microsoft® Excel® file.

Functionality Description
RapidPro hardware configuration

ConfigurationDesk displays the RapidPro hardware in a structured view, and provides intuitive access to all the relevant configuration settings. Monitoring of analog and digital signal values is available to support you in connecting sensors and actuators to the RapidPro hardware when the system is put into operation.

Diagnostics handling During operation, diagnostic information such as overcurrent, short circuit, open load, overheat, and over- and undervoltage detection is monitored and displayed. This makes it easy to detect and locate faults.
Project management ConfigurationDesk’s Project Manager lets you organize all the relevant project information such as hardware configurations and application-specific data.
Wiring information To help you wire your RapidPro hardware, a pinout list with all the relevant information can be exported as a comma-separated value (CSV) file or a Microsoft® Excel® file.



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