Separating Test Execution from Test Evaluation

Version 2.8 of the SYNECT data management software significantly extends a feature known from the preceding version SYNECT 2.7: the separation of test execution and evaluation. You can now use this feature directly with the AutomationDesk test automation software.

This feature saves time at the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator, since the evaluation and test result generation can now be performed on a separate PC instead of the HIL simulator. It also lets you apply several, even different, evaluation methods to previously recorded measurement data, thus increasing the test depth.

For example, you can now import AutomationDesk sequences as evaluation functions and link them to test cases. After execution of the test case, in which, for example, measurement data was written to an MF4 file, the evaluation functions can be automatically started on a second PC to evaluate the measurement data and generate test results. The feature is optional and complements the regular execution, where the test result is generated directly from the test sequence.

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