RTMaps Interface Blockset

Connecting dSPACE platforms to RTMaps

The dSPACE RTMaps Interface Blockset provides bidirectional, low-latency communication via UDP/IP between RTMaps by Intempora and dSPACE real-time systems or the PC-based simulation platform VEOS. In just a few steps, developers can connect their applications in Simulink® to the appropriate communication blocks via signal buses, and establish data connections to multi-sensor applications in RTMaps. In addition, the blockset allows the clock in RTMaps to be synchronized with the simulation time clock or the real-time clock on dSPACE platforms. This makes it possible, for example, to capture and precisely time-correlate vehicle bus data on the MicroAutoBox and camera data in RTMaps. A further use case is the open-loop (stimulus) test of image-processing ECUs. In this use case RTMaps on a PC serves to play back time-correlated video and bus data, while the bus signals are sent to a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) system, which guarantees a jitter-free rest bus simulation.

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