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DARTS 9040-G: 4-D Radar Simulation

Ultra-high-resolution imaging radar sensors, often referred to as 4-D radars, provide detailed images of the radar environment with a wide field of view as well as elevation, range, and speed information. Tests of these radar sensors place high demands on the capabilities and bandwidth of the radar simulator used.

  • 2021년04월14일

Did you know that dSPACE offers a comprehensive solution for developing and testing smart charging technologies?

Gain an overview of typical areas of application, technical details, and the benefits our cutting-edge solution has to offer for testing charging stations, communication controllers, and onboard chargers.

  • 2021년04월14일

University of Alabama: Energy Shared

Researchers from the academic and private sectors have teamed up to find a faster and more efficient way to charge an electric vehicle (EV). Their intensive study showed that a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charging solution is a viable alternative that can lead to faster and wider customer adoption of EVs.

  • 2021년04월14일

dSPACE Rapid Prototyping Systems

Do you want to bring your ideas to life in a real environment, with real sensors and actuators, and in real time? Are you looking for a flexible portfolio of hardware and software that supports most commonly used automotive interfaces for autonomous driving, engines, and electromobility applications?
dSPACE rapid prototyping systems help you to speed up your function development process, from autonomous driving to zero emissions.

  • 2021년04월12일

Video: Overview of dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare

You want to improve your AUTOSAR workflow, but you don´t know how? Our new product dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare is the ideal tool for securing and speeding up your AUTOSAR workflow. Watch this video to learn more.

  • 2021년04월09일

ControlDesk Replace and Reload Data Sets

This utility extends ControlDesk by commands to replace and reload data sets based on CDFX files.

  • 2021년03월22일

Charging Station Emulation Solution Accelerates the Development of Electric Vehicles for International Markets

dSPACE expands its range of complete turnkey solutions for the development and testing of smart charging technologies with the Smart Charging Station Emulator. The new solution allows for the emulation of charging stations with a power of up to 85 kW.

  • 2021년03월19일

Our Experience Brings E-Mobility to the Road

Did you know that dSPACE offers the most comprehensive solution portfolio for developing and testing e-mobility and electric drive technologies? Learn more about our cutting-edge solutions, which you can use for both individual projects and comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

  • 2021년03월17일

Overview Video: dSPACE Model Compare

Watch the video to get a quick overview of our model comparison tool: Model Compare. Learn how it can help you develop and update TargetLink models and all other Simulink-based models.

  • 2021년03월17일

Video: Validating Radar Sensors and Functions for Autonomous Driving

Aside from cameras and ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors are the most commonly used environment sensors in the automotive industry. Watch this video to see how dSPACE radar test benches provide easy and reproducible testing of radar sensors over the air. The tool chain allows for the accurate simulation of complex scenarios to validate functions for autonomous driving.

  • 2021년03월17일
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News items 1-10 of 231

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