Energizing the Future

Solutions for developing, testing, and simulating electromobility applications

Electromobility has long become a complex industrial branch that encompasses much more than just the electric vehicle. Based on our long-standing experience, dSPACE provides a well-engineered product portfolio and innovative solutions that cover the entire range of electromobility applications – from energy generation and distribution, to charging stations, to energy storage systems.

Rapid Control Prototyping

The increasing popularity of electric motors entails a higher effort for developing, implementing, and validating the required control algorithms. Model-based design along with rapid control prototyping (RCP) allows to accelerate design iterations and reduces the development time of control algorithms on the real ECU.  

Product Portfolio

The dSPACE product portfolio for rapid control prototyping includes compact and modular systems for in-vehicle and laboratory use as well as associated software.

Customer Success Stories

Our customer RCP applications range from first drive concepts for a purely electric supercar to a serial hybrid drive for bicycles. 


Virtual Validation

As OEMs face the need to reduce the time to market for new developments, they strive to make their development and test process more efficient. One way to do this is to perform verification and validation tasks earlier in the development process.  

Product Portfolio

The dSPACE product portfolio for virtual validation comprises the PC-based simulation platform VEOS and SystemDesk for generating virtual ECUs, among others.


Automatic Production Code Generation

Once the new functions are developed and tested thoroughly, they need to be implemented on the target ECU. This means generating production code from the MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® model while taking into account the specific ECU's characteristics, such as memory and computing power.  

Product Portfolio

The production code generator TargetLink generates highly efficient C code straight from MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® and allows for early verification by means of built-in simulation and testing.

Customer Success Stories

Our customers use TargetLink for code generation for various projects, from brake-by-wire to battery management.


Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

Once the ECU functions are implemented on the production ECU, they have to be tested in realistic scenarios. This can be done by means of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, which simulates the ECU’s environment (interacting components or even a whole system).  

Product Portfolio

The versatile hardware and software products for HIL simulation support a wide range of application scenarios.

Customer Success Stories

HIL simulation for electric drives is used not only for vehicle ECUs, but also for trains and industry applications.


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