Joint Solution by dSPACE and NORDSYS Raises the Bar for Testing Connected Self-Driving Vehicles

Paderborn, November 15, 2021. dSPACE, a leading provider of solutions for the simulation and validation of automated and electrically-powered vehicles, and NORDSYS, a leader in the development of systems for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, are working together to accelerate the development of connected self-driving vehicles. A first result of the cooperation is the dSPACE V2X Interface for waveBEE communication systems. The interface combines modern simulation solutions for ADAS and AD functions with flexible and scalable waveBEE V2X solutions to form a new type of test and validation platform.

V2X communication makes it possible to connect vehicles with each other and the surrounding infrastructure so that self-driving vehicles can drive attentively and safely in the future. V2X applications require powerful simulation and validation solutions due to the high complexity resulting from the many technologies involved and the numerous application scenarios. 

The V2X Interface for waveBEE combines the technologies of dSPACE and NORDSYS. It supports the communication standards DSRC and C-V2X for the regions of Europe, North America, and China, including the associated protocol stacks, and allows for the testing of a broad range of application scenarios, including robustness and reliability tests. This makes it possible to conduct initial virtual tests of V2X applications on the PC-based simulation platform dSPACE VEOS and later HIL tests to ensure that all important development phases are covered. Furthermore, when combined with waveBEE, software solutions offered by dSPACE allow for the integration of V2X with real vehicle sensors and GNSS positioning data, making infrastructure simulation and sensor simulation possible.

“With this innovative test platform, which covers all applications from V2X Day One and sensor sharing to cooperative driving, it will be easy for automotive customers to test V2X applications in combination with sensors and other ADAS/AD functions,” remarks Gregor Hordys, product manager for connectivity at dSPACE.

“Cooperation with dSPACE is an important milestone not only for NORDSYS, but first and foremost for our shared OEM and Tier-1 customers. The combination of the established dSPACE test solutions with the flexible and scalable waveBEE V2X system opens up entirely new possibilities for the development of autonomous vehicles, even beyond Level 3 autonomy,” explains Manfred Miller, CEO of NORDSYS.

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