Videos: First Steps with ASM

The following tutorial videos show you how to get started with ASM.

They cover the following topics:

  1. Getting started with ASM ready-to-use projects
  2. Overview of the  ModelDesk experiment structure
  3. Configuring parameter sets
  4. Working with model parameters
  5. Creating a road network from scratch
  6. Customizing a road segment
  7. Creating Routes and Trajectories
  8. Creating and Customizing a Scenario
  9. Create a ModelDesk Test
  10. Getting started with automating ModelDesk

Product Information
Date 2022-09-29
영상 튜토리얼 영상
산업군 자동차, 상용차, 연구 및 교육
적용분야 전기자동차, 자율주행, 첨단운전자보조시스템(ADAS), 커넥티비티, 파워트레인, 차량동력학, 엔진제어, 에너지저장장치(ESS), 트럭&버스, Off-Highway Vehicle(OHV)
Field of Operation Simulation Modelling, HIL Testing, SIL Testing, Homologation PTI
제품 타입 Software
소프트웨어 타입 Simulation Models
Topics of Interest Automotive Drives, Power Electronics, Hybrid Vehicles, Electronic Loads, Virtual Vehicles
제품군 ASM (Automotive Simulation Models), ASM Gasoline Engine Basic Model, ASM Diesel/Gasoline Engine Simulation Package, ASM Diesel/Gasoline Engine In-Cylinder Simulation Package, ASM Diesel Engine InCylinder Model, ASM Diesel Engine Model, ASM Drivetrain Basic Model, ASM Environment Model, ASM Gasoline Engine InCylinder Model, ASM Gasoline Engine Model, ASM Turbocharger Model, ASM Diesel Exhaust System Model, ASM Electric Components Model, ASM Vehicle Dynamics Model, ASM Truck Model, ASM Trailer Model, ASM Brake Hydraulics Model, ASM Pneumatics Model, ASM Traffic Model, ASM Kinematics and Compliance Model, ASM Satellite Model,, ModelDesk
인포메이션 타입 영상
인포메이션 카테고리 Getting Started, Working with
dSPACE Release 2023-A, 2022-B, 2022-A, 2021-B, 2021-A, 2020-B, 2020-A

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