Safety for Automated Vehicles

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ISO/PAS 21448 – Safety of the Intended Function (SOTIF) is positioned to become the second most important safety standard for the automotive industry. As an extension to ISO 26262, SOTIF addresses safety-related issues for automated vehicle development.

In this Learning Bits episode, Jann-Eve Stavesand, Head of Consulting for dSPACE GmbH, sheds light on why vehicle manufacturers and suppliers need to pay attention to SOTIF. Stavesand explains how the standard will impact development activities, including complex machine learning algorithms and system misuse scenarios, and how it helps you answer questions such as: Is the functionality of my system performing as intended? Are there potential risks that I haven’t thought about?


Jann-Eve Stavesand

Jann-Eve Stavesand

Head of Consulting for dSPACE GmbH

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