Advanced Control Education (ACE) Kits

Combined Hardware and Software Packages for Developing and Testing Complex Control System

​​​​​​​With the ACE Kits, dSPACE offers universities specifically combined packages of high-performance hardware and comprehensive software tools for developing and testing complex control systems in courses and for research purposes. 

Core Components of the ACE Kits

dSPACE ACE Kits make it easy to visualize even the most complex open and closed loop control concepts, from the initial draft using block diagrams to the final online optimization of the controller in real time. To work with ACE Kits, you use easy-to-operate, intuitive Microsoft Windows® tools that can transfer your Simulink® models to the dSPACE real-time hardware in seconds. Observing the effects that parameter changes have on your system’s behavior becomes as easy as child's play.  

ACE Kit Components

Products included in the individual kits MicroAutoBox III MicroLabBox DS1104 SCALEXIO
MicroAutoBox III, dSPACE Hardware      
MicroLabBox1) with a dual-core processor (2 GHz), dSPACE hardware      
DS1104 PPC Controller Board, dSPACE hardware      
Modular SCALEXIO real-time system, dSPACE hardware      
ConfigurationDesk, dSPACE software    
Real-Time Interface (RTI)2), dSPACE software    
Platform API Package2), dSPACE software
ControlDesk2), dSPACE software

a= standard component

• = optional component

1) Available as a front-panel variant and several top-panel variants.

2) Real-Time Interface, Platform API Package and ControlDesk are also available at attractive conditions without ACE Kit as the Control Development Software Package (CDP).

Core Components of the ACE Kits


MicroAutoBox III

Compact and robust in-vehicle prototyping system

MicroLabBox with dual-core Processor (2 GHz)

Compact prototyping unit for the laboratory

DS1104 PPC Controller Board

Cost-effective single-board system for controller development


Modular real-time system for desktop or rack-mount use

SCALEXIO Rack System

Modular real-time system with extensive I/O features


Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE real-time hardware

Real-Time Interface (RTI)

Implementation software for running models on dSPACE hardware

Platform API Package

Application programming interfaces (API) for connecting to dSPACE platforms


Universal modular experiment and instrumentation software for electronic control unit (ECU) development

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